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Budget Calculator

Planning ahead is an important step to help overcome financial difficulties. If your outgoings exceed your income, then you will have a problem. So take the first step by understanding your expenditure and establishing how you can bring your outgoings down to match your income. Please include everything and, more importantly, ask yourself if each item is essential. In this way you may identify potential cost savings that can be made. 

Our Budget calculator is based around the Common Financial Statement (CFS) of which Apex/Cabot subscribe to. When your information exceeds these trigger figures we may need to contact you to understand the reason for this, so should your circumstances require and increased expenditure in a certain area with the budget calculator please detail this within the comments section of this budget calculator so that we can better understand your situation.


Number in household   Monthly take home £
Number of vehicles in household   Pension £
Dependent children under 14   Benefits £
Dependent children over 14   Other Income £

Total Income     £
Mortgage £   Gas £
Rent £   Electricity £
Ground Rent/Service Charge £   Water £
Other Secured Loans £   Other Utilities (calor gas, oil, coal) £
Council Tax £   TV Licence £
Mortgage Endowment & MPPI £   Court Fines £
Buildings & Contents insurance £   Maintenance/Child Support £
Pension & Life insurance £   Hire Purchase £
Childcare costs £   Adult care costs £
Other £   Landline £
Mobile £   Housekeeping £

Total Expenditure   £
Net Income   £
Prority Debts   Non Priority Debts
      Please list up to 10 items. Key in the debt and the value
Rent £   £
Mortgage £   £
Council Tax £   £
Other Secured Loans £   £
Court Fines £   £
Maintenance / Child Support £   £
Gas £   £
Electricity £   £
Hire Purchase £   £
Other £   £

Total Priority Debts £   Total Non Priority Debts £
Monthly Total Income £

Monthly Total Expenditure £

Total Priority Debts £

Total Non Priority Debts £


We will use the information supplied in this form when evaluating your payment offer.

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